New Franklin Wireless R850 Mobile Sprint Hotspot Replacement BATTERY 2450 MaH


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New OEM Battery Compatible with Franklin Wireless R850 Mobile Hotspot 2450 MaH




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 Optimum battery life with
approximately 360 charging cycles. For best results and performance, battery
should be changed after 360 charging (approx. 12 months) Never leave Hotspot
plugged in to charge for longer than 24 hours. Allow battery to drain and
re-charge. Leaving Hotspot plugged into charger without allowing battery to
drain, may affect performance of battery and/or ruin battery/device. 


should never be left to charge in direct sun, or extreme temperatures (0F/-18C
– 113F/45C). If the battery or device begins to overheat, turn off the device
immediately and unplug device from any cables or power source until device
returns to normal temperatures. Do not disassemble, crush, short circuit,
puncture, break or put a high degree of pressure on battery. Do not attempt to
alter battery.


 Do not expose to extreme temperatures (0F/-18C – 113F/45C) Do
not use chemicals, paints, or cleaning solvents to clean or paint device or
battery. Never dispose of in fire or water. Use specified original charger only
at all times. 


Fully charger before initial use. Never charge battery for longer
than 24 hours. In case of battery liquid leakage, keep away from eyes and skin.
Keep away from infants, children, and pets. By installing you are assuming full
responsibility, and no other parties will be held responsible for any
misrepresentations or misuses of product by installer or end-user.


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1x – New Franklin Wireless R850 Mobile Hotspot Replacement BATTERY 2450 MaH

   —- in bulk packaging. 


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