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    <p>Zenith EL PRIMERO replica watches</p>
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    <p>URWERK EMC: The first high-end mechanical watch with "artificial intelligence"<br>
    <p>Earlier this year, URWERK announced the development of high-precision EMC caliber. Now is the time to launch a world-class high-end mechanical watch equipped with a mechatronic caliber.</p>
    <p>For URWERK, the base of a precision timepiece should have precise, reliable and long-lasting movements. Such action should meet certain criteria, including the accuracy of 5 positions between -4 seconds and +6 seconds in 24 hours. However, managing a precise watch in the controlled world of a shop is one thing, and performance can be very different in sometimes even the extreme real world, on the wrist. Changes in position and temperature, as well as vibrations, can have an adverse effect on the isochronism (timeliness) of the watch. The challenge for EMC is to develop a mechanical watch that can be adjusted by its owner for the best timing performance. EMC is the first precision mechanical watch that makes time easy to monitor and easy to adjust by the urwerk replica watches</p>
    <p>With EMC, wearers can not only get precise time rates on demand, but also use that information to accurately adjust the watch’s time to suit the individual’s tempo. Electromechanical Control (EMC) is the world’s first precision mechanical watch, allowing users to monitor and adjust their time to their own way of life – the EMC is fully interactive.<br>
    <p>In fact, EMC is a completely 100% mechanical watch. The electronics have absolutely no effect on movement; they can only monitor the accuracy of the movement in a manner that does not affect the mechanical engine and the gearbox in vehicles like electronic speedometers or tachometers.<br>
    <p>EMC Deconstructed dialing with four independent indications: Clockwise patrol display, displayed from the upper left corner: On-demand, precise indication (instantaneous rate delta), ranging from -20 to +20 seconds per day; Seconds dialing with a balanced second hand; Hours and minutes; and 80 hours power reserve indicator. Open the EMC circuit board to see the complete internal motion of the integrated circuit board – the EMC "brain" – the two main barrel tops near the crown and the top of the balance, and the optical sensors on the handle replica watches for sale<br>
    <p>At the core of EMC is a triple target: to show how external parameters (changes in position, temperature and pressure) affect exercise time; to enable the wearer to adjust the timing; and to promote interactivity between the timepiece and its owner.</p>
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    <p>EMC is essentially a precision mechanical watch whose internal movement is conceived, developed and produced by URWERK’s studio in Zurich and calibrated by URWERK in Geneva. The movement complies with the most stringent quality control and undergoes five tests of its precision chronograph performance over a 30-day period to ensure it reaches the highest standards of precision watches.RICHARD MILLE rm 56-01 sapphire crystal replica watch</p>
    <p>EMC movement is equipped with the following features:</p>
    <p>- Custom balance made of ARCAP, URWERK loves its non-magnetic and anti-corrosion properties. At first glance, the ingenuity of this extraordinary development balance is phenomenal. Its perfect linear morphology is carefully calculated to optimize the results of optical sensor data, maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and minimizing amplitude loss.</p>
    <p> – Powered by two large main barrels in series, mounted vertically on a shaft. These provide up to 80 hours of power reserve, favoring stable linear timing performance.</p>
    <p>  – The time adjustment screw can be used on the back of the watch and allows the owner to make very small adjustments to the balance adjustment by changing the effective length of the balance spring by rotating a simple screw.</p>
    <p> Innovative EMC timing rate monitoring unit has been developed to include the following:</p>
    <p>  – An optical sensor on the balance wheel that captures the accurate oscillation rate of 4 Hz / 28,800 vph regulators in 3 seconds. This sensor consists of a transmitter and receiver located on either side of the balance and is triggered manually by pressing the button on the left side of the box.replica Patek Philippe 175TH ANNIVERSARY watch</p>
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    <p>- A 16,000,000 Hertz electronic oscillator<br>
    This provides EMC’s reference time rate. The EMC (4hz) balance performance is compared to this flash oscillator for the most accurate measurements.</p>
    <p>- artificial intelligence (computer)<br>
    This computer determines the difference between the time rate of motion and the reference oscillator’s time speed. Each microsecond difference between two values ​​is expressed as a gain or loss of one second a day at the time rate. Only 0.0000014 seconds per half vibration changes into a second change.</p>
    <p>- Manual winding generator (generator):<br>
    EMC’s monitoring units (optical sensors and computers) are powered by micro-generators made by the Swiss company Maxon, which is known for developing motors for NASA’s Mars rover.</p>
    <p>EMC marks the dawn of a new era, the birth of an interactive, intelligent mechanical watch that allows owners to measure the accuracy of their timepieces and fine-tune them to better adapt to their everyday rhythm and pace of life.</p>
    <p>Technical specifications<br>
    Material: Titanium and steel<br>
    Size: Width 43mm, length 51mm, height 15.8mm<br>
    Crystal: Sapphire crystal<br>
    Waterproof: pressure test to 30m / 3ATM<br>
    Surface treatment: satin finish; shot blasting</p>
    Caliber: UR-EMC caliber designed, developed and manufactured by URWERK<br>
    Escapement system: Swiss lever escapement<br>
    Balance wheel: ARCAP P40, linear balanced coupling optical sensor<br>
    Frequency: 28,800 vph – 4Hz<br>
    Balance spring: flat<br>
    Energy Source: Vertical barrels installed in series, connected in series<br>
    Power reserve: 80 hours<br>
    Winding: manual winding<br>
    Finishing: Geneva ripples, snails, beads shot peening, screw head polished bevel</p>
    <p>artificial intelligence<br>
    Maxon® generator with manual charging supercapacitor</p>
    <p>EMC system<br>
    Optical sensor consists of integrated circuit board; 16’000’000hz reference oscillator</p>
    Hours, minutes, seconds; precision delta, power reserve<br>
    Time adjusting screw</p>
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    <p>sale replica FRANCK MULLER watches</p>
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