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      Welcome to We have been in business for 12+ years both online as well as a brick and mortar location here in Blackwood, New Jersey. It all started back in 1991 when I obtained my first verizon wireless cellular phone. The norm was 99 cents a minute plus 19.95 a month that included zero minutes back then. As time grew on and Verizon kept coming out with newer plans and our cellular phone bill was like playing the lottery as you didn't know what the numbers were going to be until you finally opened up the monthly bill. A normal bill would be 100 to 200 dollars back then and it was then I knew prepaid cellular was the way to go.

      At first it was hard to chose a carrier that provided the same features and coverage as Verizon Wireless did until I heard about Page Plus Cellular. It was a no brainer as there was a little shop here in town that charged 20 dollars to set you up and then 39.99 for unlimited talk and text per month. This was about the time that beepers and pagers were just fading out of our normal technology usage. Then within the next 2-3 years the prepaid cellular revolution started and brings us today where there are so many choices for providers as there are plans.

      It can become very confusing as to which carrier to choose and also which plan to attach to the carrier and then there is the many choices you have with equipment. While we do have access to many different prepaid cellular carriers such as H2O, Simple Mobile, Red Pocket, Straight Talk Wireless, Verizon Prepaid, Net10 and the list goes on and on, we still mainly focus on Page Plus Cellular and Verizon Wireless non-prepaid, NO Contract handsets. In actuality it is our way of getting back at Verizon WIreless for all those years that we had to empty our pockets just to pay the bill each month. We feel as though with Page Plus Cellular you are getting a good service for what you pay for and the handsets we carry can fit into anyones budget. Personally we have moved away from them as our own choice for our carrier and feel as though Straight Talk Wireless gives us what we need for the money spent and most of our phones can go on Straight Talk Wireless as well, provided that you purchase a network registration card from them and/or a CDMA 4G LTE Sim card.

      With over 9,000 positive Ebay feedbacks, we pride ourselves as being honest and try to describe truthfully what we have for sale and noting any imperfections etc.

      All of our devices can go on Page Plus Cellular or Verizon WIreless as long as you have a contract with them. All of our cellular phones are New, factory overstock unless otherwise noted. 99% of the time they do not come with a manual as manufacturers are starting to go green if they have not already and we make sure to include a link to the manual that can be read online in PDF format.

      That being said, all the accessories that come with the devices are OEM approved. We also offer a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase. WE ship all in stock items out the same day no matter what time you order as we have access to the 24 hour postal hub within 10 miles of our warehouse.

      Please note that we will not respond to any EBAY related messages thru our website messaging system, email, or forums. As per Ebay rules, we are only allowed to handle your concerns for an item purchased on Ebay thru Ebay messaging system. WE handles all of those messages within 24 hours of you sending them so please be patient especially at peak periods and also on the weekends. We are open 365 days of the year and holidays we are open but only for half the day.

      Anything that says 4G LTE in the title, will need a sim card. Whether that is Page Plus Cellular 4G LTE, Verizon WIreless 4G LTe, or Straight Talk CDMA 4G LTE sim cards, are not included. ALso any extra accessories are not included for example SD memory cards etc. unless otherwise noted.

      Lastly, most of the time we try to furnish the manufacturers box and if we can not they come in a generic Mobile Phone Box. After all you are not using the box to make a call and we assure you that the condition that we say the devices and/or accessories are in, are exactly that.

      Again most of our devices are new, factory overstock which have been stored in bulk at our vendors warehouse. It is not till they have an order that they put the devices and accessories in their box and from time to time, even though the condition is marked as new, there may be a light scratch or scuff mark from them being stored in bulk. Most often then not if there is something like that it is hardly noticeable. After-all we are trying to give you the best deal that we can on all CDMA Verizon Wireless replacement cellular phones as well as page plus cellular phones and are not greedy when we mark these up. You get a great deal and when we get a savings from our vendor we certainly try to pass it on.

      Thanks for stopping by and feel free to post in our forums. Please refrain from vulgar language as we try to run a family oriented business and remember the only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.

      We will try to be on here to join the discussions however we are very busy over 20 hours of the day and like to have a couple hours with our family and dogs out here on the lake! Thanks for your business and we are truly sincere with how we feel about each and every one of you. Without you we would not be able to put food on the table!!! God Bless! ~PPD

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