Arizona plans to sue Theranos over faulty blood tests

The Arizona attorney general is soliciting outside legal counsel to pursue a consumer fraud lawsuit against the beleaguered blood testing startup Theranos, according to a document posted on the state’s procurement website. AZ’s AG has so far declined to comment on any action, but the document contends Theranos may have defrauded customers in the state and the office is now… Read More

Theranos slashes another 41 percent of its workforce

Not a week goes by and it seems like we hear more bad news about Silicon Valley’s darling turned cautionary tale Theranos. The latest bit is a whopping 155 layoffs at the company today. The one drop blood test company once worth $9 billion took a quite the tumble from grace after an intense series of investigations from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the U.S. Food… Read More