HTC ‘Ocean Note’ appears in leaked photos with secondary display

HTC 'Ocean Note' appears in leaked photos with secondary display

Just a couple of days before HTC’s “for U” event, images of what may be a new HTC-branded smartphone have leaked out.

Posted over at Chinese social network Weibo, the photos show an unannounced HTC phone with a protruding rear camera, capacitive Back and Recent Apps buttons, a front fingerprint reader, and what looks to be a customized version of Android.

HTC 'Ocean Note' appears in leaked photos with secondary display

Perhaps most notable about these photos is that there appears to be an LG V20-style second screen at the top of the phone’s display. One image shows a weather forecast (or at least, what would be a weather forecast if the weather info were available), while a second photo appears to show several app shortcuts. In another image, the secondary display is showing info like the time, date, battery level, and weather while the main display is off.

Rumors have suggested that HTC will unveil a phone that’s codenamed “Ocean Note” at the “for U” event on January 12, and so it’s possible that the phone in these photos is that Ocean Note. It’s tough to make any judgment about this phone with so little info about it, but the secondary displays on LG’s V10 and V20 don’t appear to have set the world on fire, so it’ll be interesting to see if HTC has better luck with this Ocean Note device.

HTC’s “for U” event will kick off on January 12 at 3:00 am EST/12:00 am PST.

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