HTC Vive-branded smartphone appears in leaked promotional video

HTC Vive-branded smartphone appears in leaked promotional video

HTC has found some success with its Vive virtual reality headset, and if a new leak is to be believed, the company may be planning to bring that brand to mobile.

A promotional video leaked by Evan Blass offers a brief glimpse at a smartphone that clearly has “HTC Vive” branding on its backside. The phone, which appears toward the end of the video, also has a camera and flash up at the top of its rear.

Details on this phone are pretty light, but the “HTC Vive” branding suggests some sort of VR tie-in. Whether that’s support for Google Daydream, some sort of integration with HTC’s Vive headset, or something else entirely, remains to be seen.

This leaked HTC promo video also touts unique phone designs with different materials, colors, and patterns.

It’s unclear when or if we’ll see HTC’s unique designs actually launch, but HTC wouldn’t be the first company to try its hand at offering special phone designs. Motorola has offered its Moto Maker tool for a few years now, letting you customize select phones with your choice of colors and materials. Still, it’d be interesting to see HTC’s take on the smartphone design tool and what kind of materials and colors it’d offer.

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