LG G6 won’t feature modular design

LG G6 won't feature modular design

Last year, rumors suggested that the LG G6 wouldn’t offer module support like the LG G5 did. Now it appears that LG has confirmed those rumors.

An LG spokesman told The Wall Street Journal that with the G6, LG is responding to feedback that consumers aren’t interested smartphones with modular designs. Instead, LG will focus on the G6’s aesthetics and usability.

LG also teased that the G6 will launch “in the very near future.” The company is still considering exact dates for the release, but the LG spokesman said that a debut at Mobile World Congress at the end of February is a possibility.

The G5’s modules were one of the major features of that flagship device, with LG touting the device’s “friends” heavily. Neither LG nor consumers seemed to get behind those modules in a big way, though, and we only ever saw a couple of G5 modules make their way to market. Since the G5’s launch, other smartphones have come to market with modular designs, and those features don’t seem to be huge with consumers either, so it could be a smart move for LG to move away from them on the G6.

What features will the LG G6 need to get you to consider buying it?

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