Did you upgrade to the OnePlus 3T?

Did you upgrade to the OnePlus 3T?

It’s been over a month since OnePlus released their latest flagship, the OnePlus 3T. It’s a device that shares quite a few similarities with its, technically speaking, predecessor, the OnePlus 3, but makes a few key changes to warrant its existence. The question for many owners of the OnePlus 3, however, was maybe if waiting, on either side of the spectrum, would have been a better idea for the company.

Back in June, OnePlus made a big deal about the OnePlus 3, this year’s flagship handset. At least that’s what most people expected to be the company’s flagship. It has all the right specifications, of course, and the OnePlus price point to make it worth a second look, even if it doesn’t have the big brand name as other devices do.

And then, just a few months later, OnePlus hyped up something new — but not nearly to the same extent it did with the original handset. The OnePlus 3T was teased almost as much by Qualcomm, the company that had its Snapdragon 821 processor featured inside the upcoming device.

The question of whether or not OnePlus should have simply waited, either waiting to just launch the OnePlus 3T this year, or waited to launch the OnePlus 3T (with a different name and other tweaks to the specs) until early next year are all valid. OnePlus opted not to wait, though, and the OnePlus 3T launched less than six months after the first of the company’s flagships arrived on the scene.

The main draw of the OnePlus 3T is the aforementioned Snapdragon 821 processor, which not only bumps up performance, but it also makes it compatible with Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform. Which is a good thing! A little more future proof. But is there any real hurry there? Daydream isn’t going anywhere, probably, so launching an entirely different phone, only a few months after your previous flagship, seems hasty. (There is a change to the front-facing camera, too, and a bigger battery, just for the record.)

Especially considering the company simply removed the OnePlus 3 from its stores, replacing it with the OnePlus 3T.

The question I have at this point, has to do with resetting the OnePlus launch timeline. Is that the case from this point on? Is OnePlus going to focus on launching its flagship device later in the year from this point on? Or will we see the OnePlus 4 (or whatever it’s called) launch in June of next year? Just seven months after the OnePlus 3T’s launch?

What I’m really curious to find out, though, is whether or not the OnePlus 3 owners out there actually forked over even more cash to get their hands on the OnePlus 3T. Did you upgrade to OnePlus’s newest flagship, after already purchasing their first 2016 flagship? Or did you simply hang onto the OnePlus 3? Let me know!

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